Gord beside Alaska highway
Gord beside Alaska highway
Mike with Cessna 310
Mike with Cessna 310
Ray & Mike inspecting AWOS
Ray and Mike inspecting an AWOS
Craig surveying
Craig surveying

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"We have been involved with CBR Tech since their inception and can unequivocally state that they are one of the most professional and trustworthy groups that we've had the pleasure to work with. We routinely send people to them when asked for recommendations on someone to do unpaved runway testing. The quality of their work is to equal our own. "

- Kenneth J. DeBord, Principal Engineer,
Airport Technology, The Boeing Company

References, most likely in your area, can be supplied upon request. We have satisfied clients across Canada.

If commercial flights to your location are not economical or available, CBR Tech has both single and twin engine aircraft.

Gord Drysdale, president 403-285-6432, Mike Boyle, Aviation Technologist - 403-874-7538, Ray Clement, Aviation Facility Specialist - 403-832-6432, Craig Day, Aviation Survey Specialist - 587-225-3424

Gord Drysdale
Tel: (403) 285-6432

Mike Boyle
Tel: 403-874-7538

Ray Clement, P.Eng
Tel: (204) 403 8110
or (204) 444 3538

Bruce McMillan