Gord beside Alaska highway
Gord beside Alaska highway
Mike with Cessna 310
Mike with Cessna 310
Ray & Mike inspecting AWOS
Ray and Mike inspecting an AWOS
Craig surveying
Craig surveying
Bruce MacMillan, Aerodromes specialist
Bruce MacMillan, Aerodromes specialist

Our Experts

"Thank you very much for your excellent service; continually going above and beyond! Your professionalism and continued support is greatly appreciated by all of us at STARS."

- Scott Young, ATPL(H), Captain, Operations Manager, STARS Society, commenting on CBR Tech's support for helicopter operations.

CBR Tech is recognized as a leading Canadian company in the aviation industry. Clients who meet our specifications are ready for audit by Transport Canada, Nav Canada and Industry Canada. We look on our interactions with clients not as a transaction, but as the beginning of a relationship.

CBR Tech has advised on aircraft sites across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific, including the high Arctic. Our clients include federal, provincial and municipal governments, airlines and airport operators, mine, mineral operation and oilfield sites, lodges and other privately-run remote sites.

Each of our experts have worked in diverse areas of the industry, and are recognized by aviation professionals in Canada and around the world.

About Our Name

CBR stands for California Bearing Ratio, a scientific definition and definite measurement of the load-bearing capacity of soils under unpaved or paved airstrips.

Gordon Drysdale

In 1965, Gord began his aviation career as a military pilot, gaining worldwide experience as a trans-oceanic captain. Most of Gord’s 30+ years as a commercial pilot has been in managerial positions overseeing heavy aircraft operations to remote and unpaved runways. Gord has headed CBR Tech since retiring with 25,000+ accident-free hours as a pilot. His safety record assessing unpaved runways is also excellent.

Mike Boyle
Aviation Technologist

Mike began working in aviation in 1977. He is a pilot and certified aircraft maintenance engineer (AME), and has been trained by Boeing for runway analysis. He has also completed Vaisala training to FAA standards for AWOS installation and certification. Mike has held management positions with Canada's major airlines.

Ray Clement, P.Eng (Retired)
Airfield Facility Specialist

Ray‘s aviation experience includes positions with Transport Canada (1983 to 1999) and with Canada’s Department of National Defense (1999 until his 2013 retirement). At the DND, Ray supervised worldwide aircraft facilities for the Royal Canadian Air Force. He has also served on the executive for the Canadian Airfield Pavement Technical Group (CAPTG) and SWIFT’s convention for winter and gravel airport operators across the world.

Craig Day
Aviation Survey Specialist

Craig began working in oilfield exploration survey in 1987.  He brings over twenty years of survey experience including six years in a senior survey data audit position. Craig began working with GPS equipment and data in 1991.  

Bruce McMillan
Aerodromes Specialist

Bruce recently retired from Transport Canada Prairie and Northern Region. In 1993 he joined Transport Canada and worked as an Aerodromes Inspector and a Regional Airspace Specialist. He primarily specialized in Aerodromes and Air Navigation Services oversight, confirming compliance with TC Aerodrome standards, recommended practices and applicable regulations. Bruce additionally conducted oversight of private weather services providers. Prior to joining TC, Bruce worked for 20 years with several smaller charter services as a Line Pilot, Chief Pilot and Operations Manager.  



Aircraft Types Served

  • CBR Tech is an active participant in the Canadian Airfield Pavement Technical Group (CAPTG) and the Northern Air Transport Association (NATA).
  • We actively participated in the 1999 Gravel Runway Operating Working Group (GROWG), which developed safe operating practices for non-paved runways in Canada.
  • We are also proficient in non-paved aircraft certification of CL 215, 415, and DHC6-400 types.
  • Our recommendations have been incorporated in decisions affecting the aviation industry. We fully understand not only the rules, but the reasons behind them.
  • CBR Tech has given presentations at several SWIFT Conventions.


  • All Boeing and Airbus types up to Boeing 747 for paved runways
  • Boeing-727 and 737
  • BAE 146
  • Hercules
  • Electra
  • F-27/28
  • Bombardier Challenger and CL-215/415
  • de Havilland Dash-8-100/200/300/400
  • Convair 340/440/580/640
  • Lear
  • HS-748
  • ATR
  • Citation
  • Dornier
  • Saab
  • Lighter aircraft types