Caniapiscau, Northern Quebec

Introducing CBR Technology Inc.

Staying on top of the many regulatory requirements and other issues faced by airport and aircraft operators can be challenging. The aviation experts at CBR Tech provide information and assistance to help ensure that your airfield services are appropriate and cost-effective. The needs of your customers must be carefully considered and balanced with compliance responsibilities, financial practicalities and future maintenance.

"In my experience, and speaking for the Airport Technology engineers at Boeing, we have found the work of CBR Tech to be of the highest integrity, validity and trust."

- Kenneth J. DeBord, Principal Engineer,
Airport Technology, The Boeing Company

Our solutions are customized to each client. We understand industry and airport operations and are happy to help solve any issues. As well, we co-ordinate government and regulatory stakeholder criteria to help ensure you meet all necessary requirements. When clients follow our confidential recommendations, they are ready for audit by all of Canada’s federal aviation agencies.

Our reports are confidential – we will not release site specific data without our client’s prior written authorization.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion of how we can help, please contact us.